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Celebrity Hunted fugitive hides out at Addenbrooke’s

Jean-Christophe Novelli and his 3 sons

Celebrity chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli, who is currently appearing as a fugitive on the run on Channel 4’s Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer, stopped off at Addenbrooke’s during one of the episodes, shining a light on the hospital where his son was treated for neuroblastoma two years ago.

Jean-Christophe as well as one of the programme’s hunters, former soldier, best-selling author and extreme adventurer – Jordan Wylie – both star in the episode and are lending their support to Addenbrooke’s latest campaign to fund the first dedicated Emergency Children’s Ambulance Service for the East of England.

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust has already raised £108,000 through generous donations to kit out one ambulance, and is well on the way to fundraising for a second to keep even more desperately ill children alive during transfers and reduce the long waiting times for an ambulance from London.

Jean-Christophe said: “We are in awe of the NHS and so thankful for how it has helped our family in recent years. Now we want to help other families whose children need to get to hospital quickly in an ambulance that is kitted out with special equipment to keep them alive.”

Jordan Wylie said: “When I heard that Addenbrooke’s was raising funds for a dedicated Emergency Children’s Ambulance Service, I wanted to do all I could to help. Regular 999 ambulances don’t have the specialist equipment needed to keep critically ill children alive during transfers and so for those having to wait for an ambulance from London, the delay must be simply unbearable.”

To help ACT get the second children’s ambulance on the road, please visit

You can tune in to see the Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer episode featuring Addenbrooke’s on Sunday 3 November at 9pm on Channel 4.