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External organisations

Funding for external organisations

ACT usually makes grants to Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and sometimes to Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge. From time-to-time we make grants to other organisations. Typically, these are other charities providing services at Addenbrooke’s or the Rosie. If you are an external organisation interested in ACT funding, please contact us at or call the duty receptionist on 01223 217757.  

Funding for training, learning and development

Requests for training, learning and development should be submitted to FLAG in the first instance, who are often able to support requests for non-mandatory learning and development and conference attendances for CUH staff who are not doctors. Further information about applying to FLAG can be found here. An application to ACT should be made where FLAG are unable to support the cost.  In some circumstances, ACT is able to support related travel costs and associated expenses. Applications to ACT should be made on the Charitable Funding Request Form.

CUH Approvals

ACT-funded expenditure needs sign-off and approvals in exactly the same way as if it were NHS-funded. The guide to approvals provides a reference as to what is required. 

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding funding, funds or grants please email If you need to speak to somebody, please call the duty receptionist on 01223 217757. They will take a message and somebody from the Charitable Expenditure Team will call you back.