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Addenbrooke’s cancer appeal launches to transform treatment for patients

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust has launched its new cancer appeal to help provide the best patient experience and care for people with cancer at Addenbrooke’s.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital sees over 4,000 new patients a year who rely on its lifesaving cancer care. This amounts to 11 people at Addenbrooke’s facing a new cancer diagnosis every day. Such high demand for cancer services makes the charity’s work even more urgent. Funds raised through the appeal will ensure that people with cancer at Addenbrooke’s are treated in a comfortable and dignified environment, with the latest equipment and technology.

The hospital charity’s supporters have raised over £4million in the last five years for cancer services at Addenbrooke’s, including a state-of-the-art surgical robot, research into personalised breast cancer treatment and diagnosis, and a modern, spacious Haematology Day Unit for people with blood cancers.

This incredible generosity from donors equates to real benefits for people living with cancer and has meant that 500 robotic surgery procedures have been carried out in the last year, around 460 people with breast cancer a year now experience improved treatments and waiting times thanks to a pioneering x-ray machine and 200 more people living with blood cancer a month can be seen thanks to the doubling of capacity of the Haematology Day Unit.

Gemma Downham, the charity’s Director of Fundraising, said: “People with cancer at Addenbrooke’s already receive the very best care from our staff, but we want to go a step further. With the help of our supporters we will be able to go above and beyond for people with cancer, translating the latest research into everyday hospital practice, providing counselling at a critical time in patients’ lives and funding the latest technologies so they receive the very best care possible. With charitable donations, the hospital staff can do more than the NHS budget allows.

“Just £100 can pay for an exercise and rehabilitation session for ten people, helping to stop cancers coming back, £1,000 can provide seven people with vital counselling through their cancer journey and £250,000 will fund a new cancer scanner, transforming the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of people with head and neck cancers. Once again, we are counting on the generosity of Addenbrooke’s’ supporters to help us do more for cancer patients at the time they need it most.”

For more information about our cancer appeal please visit or call 01223 217757.