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Will YOU remember Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Your will?

Addenbrooke’s relies on the generosity of members of the public to help provide vital research, innovative equipment and specialist services. This generosity which transforms care for future generations, can come in the form of donations left in wills. However, many people don’t have a will because it is so easy to put off. This means loved ones may not know your wishes including your favourite charities. Thankfully, many grateful patients and their families do make a donation in their will to say thank you for care received

The kindest ‘thank you’
John Bigmore, 80, was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago. His illness spurred him into updating his will so that future patients can receive the same excellent level of care. He said: “I’m getting things ship-shape legally; sorting out my will. I’d already decided to leave a gift to the hospital, but I’m so grateful for how well the staff looked after me that I’ve decided to leave half of the amount specifically to clinic 4a.”

When Lucas Harvey-Bowman was six weeks old, he was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. “We were looked after extremely well. Lucas received outstanding care from the cardiology team, and here we are thriving today,” says his mum Jess. “To show our gratitude we are leaving a gift in our will to help support their valuable work. We cannot thank Addenbrooke’s enough.”

Kind-hearted family members like to show their gratitude for the care of their relatives by leaving donations in their wills as a tribute to their loved one. Dennis Wyatt did just this, helping to fund a new courtyard garden in the stroke unit to say thank you for the treatment his wife received. The garden gives patients and their families a much needed chance to spend time in a calm, relaxing place away from the busy ward environment. Dennis’ friend Pat said, “Dennis wanted to give something back. He would have been very impressed with what his gift helped to achieve.”

A donation in a will could even help unlock the secrets of many life-changing diseases. Frederick Pratt left a donation in his will, which funded research into Parkinson’s disease. Researcher Dr Caroline Williams-Gray said: ”This project investigates the role of the immune system in Parkinson’s disease. It is hoped this will help to guide development of new immune-based treatments to delay the onset of dementia, one of the most devastating aspects of this disease.”

Do something wonderful
There is no doubt that the impact of donations left in wills to Addenbrooke’s is huge, helping doctors, nurses and researchers realise ground-breaking achievements and transforming patients’ lives. Yet, while 35% of people say they would leave a gift to a charity in their will, only 7% actually do so.

Dennis’ gift provided an oasis of calm for future stroke patients while Frederick’s donation ensured the continuation of research into a terrible disease. What legacy would you want to leave?

Alice Macek, Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust’s Gifts in Wills Manager said: “We are so grateful to people who support us by leaving a donation in their will. These gifts will leave a long lasting legacy across the hospital for patients in the future, whether benefiting specialist services, state-of-the-art equipment or research breakthroughs. With this generosity we can achieve so much”

To ask a question, request information about inheritance tax, or tell us your thoughts about leaving a donation in your will please call 01223 217757 or email

Ashtons Legal in Cambridge are launching a Wills Year initiative where a donation for each will completed will be given to local charities. Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust is one of the chosen charities. For more information please contact the Lifetime Planning Team on 0330 4040773.