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Addenbrooke’s lights up in blue to say thank you

Thanks to VenueAV and Solitech Ltd we’ve lit up the Addenbrooke’s chimney to say thank you to all our supporters who’ve helped us raised over £1million to support our fantastic NHS staff!

The money is being used to help the well being of staff and patients through this difficult time, provide vital equipment to support the Intensive Care Unit, enable research into new treatments and diagnostics, and much more. Thanks to the money raised we will be able to fund even more vital items and support in the forthcoming weeks and months.

So far donations have helped provide:

  • iPads to allow patients to communicate more easily with staff and to enable family members to comfort their critically ill relatives in intensive care and other wards.
  • Psychological support for staff and patients helping them to cope with the crisis and its long-term effects; and helping a nurses charity provide seminars and leadership support for nurses who are managing staff or working through the crisis.
  • Snacks, refreshments and toiletries such as hand cream and shower gel for frontline staff.
  • Enhancements to the patient environment for those in hospital during the crisis for non COVID-19 reasons including toys and activity packs to entertain children in hospital who usually must share; activities for teenagers; and whiteboards and colouring materials for dementia patients.
  • Numerous diagnostic and therapeutic COVID-19 research programmes including, research which is helping screen staff and assess which are more at risk of COVID-19; brand new, speedy screening for ICU patients; rapid diagnosis of children presenting with chest infections to see if they have COVID-19; testing the effectiveness of existing medicines; and further research into high risk patient groups.

Your continued donations will help our hospital do so much more than is currently funded by the NHS and will help to make Addenbrooke’s even better for everyone.  Please visit