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Addenbrooke’s NHS Charity encourages further donations and celebrates hospital’s unsung heroes

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) is encouraging people to keep fundraising for Addenbrooke’s hospital, with donations continuing to help the hospital through the crisis and beyond.


15 June 2020

The impact that donations from the public to our emergency appeal have made has been incredible.  Our supporters have enabled us to fund many things including research on staff infection, a brand new speedy COVID-19 test for ICU, iPads for families to communicate with sick relatives and a counselling service. It is making a huge difference to patients and staff, and particularly the countless staff working in the background without whom our hospital would struggle to provide vital care.

Sarah Rodwell, ward clerk for the Haematology Oncology Ward (C10)

One of these is Sarah Jayne Rodwell who is the ward clerk for the Haematology Oncology Ward (C10) and performs a range of admin tasks as well as collecting medication, chemotherapy and bloods, talking to patients’ family members and booking accommodation. She explains why public support is so important right now:

“The support the public shows us at Addenbrooke’s means a great deal! The donations have been amazing, I especially love to read the messages that come with the fruit donation boxes for staff. And on C10, for the patients who are unable to leave their side room, ACT funds a ‘tuck trolley’ providing lots of treats and snacks. It’s been invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic. I know that this is a small joy for the patients at this really difficult time, as they can’t have visitors and family, so we’re really trying to keep their spirits high.”

Kerry Alexander, Senior Physiotherapist at Addenbrooke’s explains how donations have helped the specific rehabilitation of patients with Covid-19, such as the non-standard, specialist frames and wheelchairs funded by the charity:

“The equipment provided by ACT helps reduce the time patients spend in hospital. The frames help to get patients mobile and will help to rebuild the physical fitness of the muscles, heart and lungs, as well as avoiding complications such as pressure sores, and pneumonia. The wheelchairs are very supportive and will allow patients who are severely deconditioned following prolonged bed rest to get out of bed safely, which is imperative to their recovery. This will help to strengthen their muscles and ensure they are in the best position for breathing and keeping their chests clear.”

The Procurement & Supply Chain department also plays an essential role and is responsible for the sourcing and buying of goods across the hospital. The department helps ACT ensure that the items it funds are safe for use in the hospital and provide good value for money.

From receiving and storing donations of PPE from around the world to collaborating with local industry to manufacture face shields, this department contains an unsung hero or two.

Ian Hooper, Director of Procurement & Supply Chain, says: “I have been really impressed with the passion and commitment staff across the department have demonstrated, with a determination to ensure that that the front line is well supported. It has been a huge challenge given daily obstacles to overcome.”

Existing services, which staff are now starting to deliver once again, have been impacted by the crisis meaning that the pressure on the staff and hospital will continue.

ACT always has and will continue to support these services across the hospital, funding that which the NHS cannot, such as some exciting and innovative research projects to help beyond the current crisis including: remote diagnostic hearing and vision testing apps to ensure patients get the care they need when they cannot be seen in hospital, an app to help children understand what coming to hospital will feel like for them seeing staff in PPE and social distancing, and wellbeing rooms for staff to use to take a moment of calm.

Shelly Thake, ACT’s CEO, said: “ACT not only funds vital work connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, but continues to fund research, services, equipment and innovative technology throughout the hospital for the benefit of patients and staff. We simply could not achieve these things without incredible support from the public and there is still so much more that can be done to make the hospital even better.”

For more information on how you can help make Addenbrooke’s even better please visit

Or you can donate online at or text NHSHEROES 10 to 70085 to donate £10 (T&C’s apply)

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